Our philosophy regarding alternative investments is to create a diversified investment portfolio that has a low correlation to traditional asset classes. We focus on matching client liquidity needs to the constraints of the asset classes. Operose strives to create higher performing, lower risk portfolios.

We seek to enhance investment returns and portfolio diversification by advising clients on a variety of alternative investment options including:

  • Private Equity
    • Direct/Co-direct investments
    • Primary and Secondary Fund investments 
  • Real Estate
    • Direct Funds
    • Co-Direct Funds
  • Private Credit
  • Hedge Funds

                                                        Learn more about our Alternative Investment Services below:Alternative Investment Services Brief

Alternative Investments Risk. Operose invests, or recommend investing, portions of client assets into alternative investments. Alternative investments generally involve various risk factors, including, but not limited to, potential for complete loss of principal, liquidity constraints and lack of transparency, a complete discussion of which is set forth in each investment’s offering documents, which will be provided to each client for review and consideration. Unlike other liquid investments that a client may maintain, alternative investments do not typically provide daily liquidity or pricing. Each prospective client investor will be required to complete a Subscription Agreement, pursuant to which the client shall establish that he/she is qualified for investment in the investment, and acknowledges and accepts the various risk factors that are associated with such an investment.