Investment Philosophy

We believe in selecting investments and allocating capital in a patient and differentiated manner. This disciplined approach focuses our attention on understanding each client’s unique investment needs and risk tolerance in order to construct portfolios that are based on desired outcomes, clear objectives and liquidity requirements.

Gaining access to institutional quality advice and service for individuals, families, and closely held businesses can be challenging. Through Operose’s operating structure, we are able to deliver independent advisory services that are institutionally driven.

Service Model

We seek to provide clients with the information they need to fully understand their investments. This is accomplished through diligent planning, disciplined execution, robust client reporting, and consistent communication.

To achieve investment objectives, we offer several services designed to best meet each client’s needs. Regardless of the service type selected, Operose has a fiduciary duty to act in our client’s best interest and employs an institutional approach that is driven by policy and process.